Commercial Services

As a small business, we understand the demands and stresses of a business owner’s time. That’s why we want to help make the process of securing and protecting your investment easy. If you need a commercial fence contractor to help you install a fence, guard rail, or automated gate look no further than Acosta Fencing. We are a commercial and industrial fencing company proud to offer a large variety of premium products to meet your needs. We have a wide selection of options! Offering service to most nationwide commercial and government fence projects, Acosta is here to help with a variety of projects.

Chain Link Fencing

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If you need a cost-effective solution that will bring you peace of mind by covering a large area, chain link fencing is for you! Chain link fences are solid, flexible, and durable, even when you apply force. Composed of steel wire and boasting a classic diamond pattern, a chain link fence offers a wide variety of options, including various heights, colors, and gauges of mesh fabric. We are eager to offer a large selection of low-maintenance, rust-resistance chain link fencing to meet your needs!

If you need to protect a large area and need an affordable option, then chain link fencing is for you! You can use it in athletic and storage areas and to provide property protection and security. 

Wrought Iron Fencing

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A classic, a commercial ornamental wrought iron fence is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing addition to many businesses. It serves the purpose of being both decorative and an added security measure. In addition, an iron fence offers sleek, classic lines and durable strength. 

There are many benefits to a wrought iron fence. You can easily custom-design your fence to better meet your business’s unique style. They are strong and sturdy, able to withstand significant force, and not easily damaged. In addition, our iron fencing has a special coating that ensures a long-lasting, durable finish. 

You can use iron fencing for decorative purposes. You can also use it as a railing to provide function and safety, for security, in parks, by pools, and in restaurants.

Guard Rails

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Guard rails are an excellent addition to any commercial and industrial setting. They help protect your personnel and equipment from theft, accidents, and damage. In addition, you can use them as interior barriers to identify hazardous areas and for exterior areas to protect parking lots, walkways, and entrances. Guard rails are also an important addition to playgrounds and parks as they protect people from any vehicle traffic.

There are many benefits to guard rails. First, guard rails help create a safe work environment by outlining and protecting pedestrian traffic areas from machinery. They are also extremely visible, making it easier for employees to see these areas and avoid accidents. Finally, they help prevent vehicles from driving through pedestrian and yard areas.

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality indoor guard rails for your warehouse or building to keep your workplace safe and outdoor guard rails to protect outdoor areas from nearby traffic.

Automated Gates

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An automated gate is an excellent safety addition to any business. They add an extra layer of safety, security, and functionality to your commercial property. Enabling the owner to control or restrict access to certain areas, they are easy to operate. These gates have many purposes in residential, commercial, industrial, military, and correctional facilities. 

There are five common types of automated gates, slide gates, vertical lift, swing gates, vertical pivot, and barrier arm gates. Contact us to learn more about what gate is the best fit for your property!

Other Fence Types

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Cedar, Vinyl, and Aluminum fences are not common for commercial settings. However, some businesses do occasionally use them. It really depends on your business’s needs and your preferences.

For example, wood is an ideal option for shopping centers, markets, and restaurants. However, wood fencing, even low-care cedar fencing, does require more maintenance. Vinyl fencing adds a beautiful aesthetic element to your business. It is also a wonderful option if you want a very high fence for privacy. Finally, aluminum is an ideal fencing option if your commercial property is in an area with extreme humidity or is regularly exposed to large amounts of salt spray.

Service & Repairs

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We understand that life doesn’t always go perfectly, and sometimes accidents happen. We are happy to help make your fence, guard rails, or automated gate look like new again! Our licensed and highly-experienced team is eager to consult any issues you are currently experiencing with your fence. We want to give you the best solution for your situation! Please reach out to us and include any pictures of the damage so we can give you a complete list of repair options. We always like to remind our customers that regular maintenance dramatically reduces the risk of damaging your barrier. Regardless of whether we did the installation or not, we are happy to discuss repair options with you!