Our Process

Sign & Accept Contract

Complete the online form.

Pay Deposit

Pay the deposit using either a card or a bank account. (A 2.75% fee applies to all cards used in the transaction, whether debit or credit).

Get HOA Approval

Not everyone has home associations — but if you do, you will need their approval for the permit application.

Apply for Permit

You will need a copy of your signed proposal, a plat of survey, HOA approval (if needed), and a permit application. Once you have the permit number, please email it to wcotton@acostafence.com

Someone from the office will call approximately one week before install with an exact date. There is a timeframe estimate on the contract for the estimated install week (weather permitting). We will call JULIE to mark the utility lines. If you have any private lines and/or sprinkler systems, you must have them marked before installation

Install Day

You are required to be present at least at the beginning and end of the installation.

Final Walkthrough

Final walkthroughs are completed at the end of the installation. You will need to sign off if there are no other issues. If there are any concerns, please tell the crew so we can take care of it ASAP.

Final Payment

Final payment should be given to the crew after the final walkthrough.

*If you refer a friend and they sign to get their fence from us, you will get $50 off. (You will receive $50 for the first customer you refer and $30 for every one after.)