Proposal & Contract


Customer Information




Fence Type
Top of Fence
Existing Fence



Post Set in Concrete
Plat of Survey Needed
Underground Utilities (J.U.L.I.E)

Permit Secured by Owner

Past Hole Inspection

Dirt Removal Optional

Maximum file size: 268.44MB


A deposit required of $ down upon signing contract and $ the remaining balance upon completion of installation. (2.75% card processing fee applies.) ACOSTA FENCE COMPANY GUARANTEES ALL MATERIALS TO BE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY BY LEADING MANUFACTURERES AND ALL WORKMANSHIP TO BE OF THE HIGHEST STANDARDS BY THOROGHLY SKILLED MECHANCS FOR YEAR(s). Any altercation or deviation for the above specifications involving extra cost of materials or labor will only be executed upon written orders for same and will become an extra charge over the sum mentioned in this contract. The customer is responsible for marking any private utilities such as sprinkler systems. If not marked, the customer is responsible for any related damages. In the event of legal action, Acosta Fence Corp. is entitled to recover the incurred legal and attorney fees from the customer. ALL MATERIALS REMAIN PROPERTY OF CONTRACTOR, WHO RETAINS THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ALL MATERIAL UNLESS PAID IN FULL. ALL FENCES INSTALLED WITHIN 6” OF PROPERTY LINES – FENCES SET TO PROPERTY STAKES – NOT REPSONSIBLE FOR PROPERTY LINES. A charge of 25% of cash contract price will be made in case of cancellation of this by property owner or agent, of which he or she agrees to pa upon demand after refusing to allow the work to proceed as within agreed terms.


You are hereby authorized to furnish all material & labor required to complete the work mentioned in the above proposal for which I agree to pay the amount mentioned in said proposal & in accordance with the terms thereof. I agree to pay all costs of collection including attorney fees & interest for sums which may become due under this contract. Purchase agrees to obtain any construction permits that may be required & to supply contractor with current play of survey.

Acceptance Of Proposal



TERMS: Upon Completion. A 1.5% interest charge will be added on to the monthly balance until balance is paid in full