Residential Services

If you currently need high-quality, affordable residential fencing, look no further than Acosta Fencing. We pride ourselves on providing a large variety of residential fencing materials, designs, colors, and styles. With decades of experience in the fencing industry, Acosta Fencing is ready to give you an exceptional fencing experience and product. We proudly offer residential service to customers within 45 miles of Morris, IL.

Cedar Fencing

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Cedar is an attractive option for fencing. Cedarwood has a natural light-colored hue and a warm red tinge. Over time the color will fade to a beautiful smoky gray as the fence ages. However, you can choose to stain and seal cedar wood to preserve its appearance. The color is a beautiful aesthetic addition to your yard. Cedar is solid but still soft enough to shape into different fencing styles. We often use it with intricate lattice designs to add another aesthetic element to your yard! There are several benefits to cedar fencing. First, commercial cedar wood is an affordable option and is easily customizable by adding latticework or another pattern at the top of the fence. It is also easy to repair. We want to note that wood fences require more maintenance as they age than other options like chain link or vinyl. We offer top-quality cedar wood fencing for residential homes in the Chicago area. Cedar wood fencing is a wonderful option for adding curb appeal, containing your pet or horses, privacy, and security.

Aluminum Fencing

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If you are looking for a strong, durable, low-maintenance, attractive residential fencing option, aluminum may be your choice. Aluminum fences look similar to a traditional wrought iron fences. However, they are one-third of the weight and a fraction of the cost. They also boast ornamental designs to add aesthetic appeal to your yard.

There are several benefits to aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing is rackable, meaning it can adjust to fit your landscape. You can use it on a level or slowed surface without having gaps at the bottom. It is also low maintenance and does not rust.

Our aluminum fence material is fade resistant, strong, and durable. We also offer a wide selection of colors, ornamental styles, and heights to match your budget and style. Use aluminum fencing for decorative purposes to add curb appeal, keep your pets safe, restrict pool access, and guard your property. 

Chain Link Fencing

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If you want the most cost-effective option for your residential fence, then a chain link fence is the choice for you! It is ideal for securing a large area on a budget. Chain link fences are easily identifiable with their classic diamond pattern and steel wire. In addition, these fences provide strength and flexibility. There are several benefits to a chain link fence. First, they are a lower upfront cost option. Next, chain link fences provide transparency so you can easily see your property and surroundings. Finally, they require minimal maintenance because the galvanized coating on the links helps prevent rust. We offer top-quality chain link fences in various mesh fabric gauges, colors, and heights to fit your style, needs, and pocketbook. Chain link fences are an excellent choice to keep your pets safe and provide security.

Vinyl / PVC Fencing

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If you need a fence to decorate your yard, provide privacy, or guard your pool, then a residential vinyl fence is a good option for you. It is low-maintenance, very versatile, and offers an unmistakable classic look to your yard.

There are many benefits to vinyl fencing. Each picket locks tightly into place, with no gaps providing privacy and helping your fence withstand harsh winds and weather. We can also adjust vinyl fencing to your landscape, so it sits level on a flat surface as well as a slope. Finally, vinyl is not impacted by rot or insects, making it an excellent low-maintenance option.

We are proud to offer top-quality vinyl fencing that is strong, well-designed to prevent bowing or sagging, and fade-resistant. We also have a wide selection of wood grain options, colors, styles, and heights so you can find the perfect fit for your style and budget. Put up a vinyl fence to add to your backyard’s aesthetics, keep your animals safe, restrict access to your pool, protect your privacy, and offer security.

Service & Repairs

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As part of our commitment to providing top-quality residential fencing services and materials to our customers, we also want to ensure your fence keeps looking as good as new! Therefore, our service and repair team is happy to hear about any issues or problems you might experience with your residential fence — even if we did not install your fence in the first place. We will listen to your fence’s ailments and make a diagnosis to best remedy your situation.

Please reach out to us with your concerns, and include any pictures to help us determine the extent of the damage. We will get back to you promptly!

We encourage each of our customers to inspect your residential fencing for damage regularly. Discovering small issues early on helps prevent a minor repair from turning into a major repair in the future. In addition, here at Acosta Fence, we love to give our customers proper maintenance tips so your fence looks fantastic for years to come!