Temporary Rental Fencing

Secure Your Site With Temporary Fence Rentals

Acosta Fence proudly offers quality temporary chain link fencing with expert installation. Secure your property with fence panels, standard chain link fencing, barricades, and private fencing.

Temporary Fence Panels

Acosta Fence

Our temporary fence panels are delivered and installed by experienced fence technicians, using only the best equipment in the industry. Fence panels can also come with several optional upgrades, including:

  • Sandbags
  • Privacy/Wind Screens
  • Equipment Gates
  • Personnel Gates

Temporary Chain Link Fences

Acosta Fence

A temporary chain link fence creates a reliable, sturdy barrier that can’t be easily breached by mother nature. Our temporary chain link fence prices are market-competitive, and also cover fence delivery, installation, and pickup — regardless of project size.

  • Installation on dirt, asphalt, & concrete is secure
  • Temporary fence posts are placed 2′ under ground level for maximum durability
  • Customer liability risks are minimized
  • Delivery, installation, & pickup is always prompt


Acosta Fence

When you get your barricade rentals from Acosta Fence, you can always expect your steel barriers to be strong and durable enough to withstand agressive wear-and-tear. Our lightweight barricades are easy to maneuver and configure, giving you endless layout options.

Barricade delivery, setup, and installation is always completed by professional, experienced fence installers. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

Privacy Fences

Acosta Fence

A temporary privacy fence can be rented and applied to existing fencing, or rented as part of a unit. Our temporary privacy screens provide you with a reliable barrier in almost every unique situtation.

Temporary privacy fencing will lessen the impact of moderate to hight winds and will keep your site secure and stable. It will also help to sheidl from dust and dirt. Noise pollution can also create unwanted problems. Temporary privacy fences will assist with noise reduction, so you can worry less about disturbing those around you. Expensive tools and raw materials are also more protected from possible thievery.

Interested in temporary fencing? Contact us today!