Temporary Rental Fencing

Barriers & Fences

Chain Link Fence Panels

Our cross-braced 6′ x 12′ temporary fence panels are made of pre-galvanized steel and are a perfect choice for easy and efficient property protection. Also available in 8′ x 10′ sizes.

Crowd Control Barriers

Our classic steel barricades are great for affordable and efficient crowd control in various settings. These 18-gague interlocking metal barriers offer cost-effective security for both indoor and outdoor use.

Post-Driven Chain Link Fences

These fences are suitable for semi-permanent protection for commercial consturction, animal enclosures, long-term special events, and preservation projects. In order to ensure increased stability and lighten the impact of erosion and physical damage, their posts are driven at least 2′ into the ground. Available at both 6′ and 8′ high units.

Silt Fences

Silt fences, commonly found in construction, landscaping, and preservation, serve as a temporary barrier and are made from woven fabric filter cloth (also known as geotextile). These fences are effective at preventing soil and other natural materials from entering streams and/or residential areas.


Metal Tube Stands

30″ x 18″ galvanized fence bases that are compatible with 1 3/8″ fence posts.

Privacy Screening

Available in various colors and sizes, privacy screening is durable, weather-resistent, and easy-to-install. Providing versatility and reliability for all of your privacy fencing needs.

Keep Your Property Secure & Protected

Discover top-quality temporary fencing solutions tailored for Construction, Events, and Emergency Response industries in the Chicagoland area. With a comprehensive range of products and 24/7 expert installation services, you can trust Acosta Fence to keep your property secure and protected.

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