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We completely stand behind the products and services we offer.

a "LIMITED WARRANTY" shall extend for a period of two (2) years on materials from the completion date on wood fences.

a "LIFE TIME WARRANTY" covers our materials from the completion date on Iron and PVC fences.

Acosta Fence Corporation will at its own cost and expense make or cause to be made such repairs to said fence necessary to repair any defects resulting solely from faults or defects in workmanship or materials supplied by or through Acosta Fence Corp.

PVC fences are transferable to new owners.

We take pride in our work and install your fence and every fence as if it were our own.

All work under warranty will be performed during normal working hours. Shall the owner request work to be done on overtime hours, Acosta Fence Corp. will not absorb the worked hours at a single time rates and the owner will be charged extra for bonus hours only at Acosta Fence Corp. standard service charge rates.

No other representation or warranty, expressed or implied, written or verbal, regarding the longevity of the fence materials, or application is intended or made.

If you're interested in hiring experienced fencing contractors for you project, don't hesitate to call Acosta Fence Corporation We can discuss your situation in greater detail and set an appointment time that will work for you.

Our Valueable Clients Says

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- David W. 6/8/2017

"They listen to your need and do it your way"

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- M Konopka 10/11/2017

"This was a great company to work with. They were honest, courteous, and responsive."

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- Wheel G. 4/19/2018

"Unbelievable service, quality, and pricing! I called over 6 fence companies before Acosta for a quote."

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- Shawn Lyon 4/19/2018

"Best in the business! HIGHLY recommended for all of your fencing needs"

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- Keith Cooper 9/14/2017

"I was extremely pleased with Acosta Fencing. The quality of their work, professionalism, and customer satisfaction are their goals."

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